Come and have the time of your life

Lakewood Farms
Lakewood Farm was purchased in 1937 by L.L. O’Bryan for his young family who lived in Chicago.  Originally from Kentucky, L.L. brought up his growing family on the farm encouraging a strong work ethic and deep connection to nature and wildlife.  Four generations have loved the farm as a member of our family.  Today it’s our central family gathering place where we go to work and play together perpetuating the legacy of the first O’Bryan generation on Lakewood.  Now, it is available for other families to make the cherished memories we have made.  Visit Lakewood for ultimate family and nature bonding with complete privacy and 1000 acres of activities no matter what the time of year.  Just 20 minutes from Milwaukee airport and 90 minutes from Chicago
Breathtaking views, great family atmosphere and much more
Breathtaking Views
Enjoy the lake
Lakewood is the perfect getaway spot for any family wanting privacy, nature and a place where the whole family can sleep under the same roof.  Few distractions besides the beauty of the property and the opportunity for family and nature body, is the ultimate vacation…only 20 minutes from Milwaukee airport and 90 minutes from Chicago.
Lakewood Farms includes a private lake. You will not be bothered by neighbors or others on the lake. The fishing and swimming are terrific. You will have access to all out boats, rafts, standup paddle boards, the Lilypadand life jackets. Please use with care and try to return them in the condition you found them.
The Boat House
Beach and Pier
The two story boathouse features a screened-in porch as well as access to an outdoor deck overlooking the beach and lake. The view from the deck is a view like no other when you realize you are in the midst of a private paradise. The beach below is an ideal spot for sunbathing, kicking back, and for the younger set to play in the sand and shallow water. 
There is a dock with a built in bench seat that provide some great fishing as swimming opportunities. Launching kayaks, canoes, “Lily pad” rafts, Sunfish sailboats, rowboats, etc. from the beach and pier makes enjoying the full lake experience unforgettable.
Some Interesting History
Lakewood was once home to an incredible Angus ranch. Take a look at some of the materials from auctions below.
  1. Title 17
  2. Title 18
  3. Title 19
  4. Title 20
  5. Title 21
  6. Title 22
  7. Title 23